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    Les programmes actuels de StartUp Maroc

    StartUp Maroc Booster 2019

    The StartUp Morocco Booster 2018 is a complete package program. 6 months, designed to empower startups around 3 major pillars : Funding, Acceleration/Mentoring and international exposure.
    The program provide various sources of funding; as well as the weekly sessions that allows entrepreneurs to successfully develop their startups through a practical roadmap.
    Access to mentoring nationally and internationally is also one of the program major pillars, through One-on-One Mentoring, Bootcamps and workshops the entrepreneurs will meet with mentors, coaches, startup experts and representatives from the VC community of all backgrounds.

    StartUpMaroc Booster services :

    - FUNDING : Distribution of grants "Innov Idea" up to 200 000 dhs per startup and loans "Innov Start" up to 500 000 dhs.

    - ACCELERATION/MENTORING : A rigorous, comprehensive company-building curriculum to guide you through validating your ideas, performing customer development, building a team, preparing for funding, and more.

    OneonOne Mentoring, Bootcamps and workshops by mentors, coaches, and startup experts of all backgrounds and representatives from the VC community.

    - INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: Exposure to investors, media and business opportunities through pitching, networking and direct relationship. Access to acceleration programs, Mentoring, Visibility and Opportunity for Business and International Investment.

    The Next Society

    THE NEXT SOCIETY is an open community of changemakers, entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, NGOs, public and private innovation, research and economic development hubs from Europe and 7 Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.

    THE NEXT SOCIETY aims at mobilising, promoting and reinforcing innovation ecosystems and economic development in the MENA region.

    THE NEXT SOCIETY believes in Reverse Innovation, the capacity of innovators from emerging countries to come up with solutions to contemporary challenges that can inspire the rest of the world, by supporting South Mediterranean innovators who develop local solutions with a global reach or which allow to skip a generation in terms of use or technology.

    THE NEXT SOCIETY supports the emergence of talents and innovative leaders who will drive the next trends and usages by targeting start-ups, clusters and technology transfer offices to accompany their development. We place the private sector in the driving seat of innovation strategies.

    THE NEXT SOCIETY echoes an inclusive philosophy based on corporate social responsibility, because value creation is also about being inclusive and impact-driven.

    THE NEXT SOCIETY has launched a four-year action plan (2017-2020), co-funded by the European Unionup to 90% for a global amount of EUR 7.8 million, which impacts 4 levels of the innovation ecosystems:

    • Improve policy frameworks
    • Foster start-up successes
    • Promote and internationalise clusters
    • Accelerate technology transfer towards the enterprise


    DiafrikInvest aims to accelerate and support the mobilisation of high potentials, entrepreneurs and investors from the diaspora to boost business relations between Europe, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia and thus contribute to the economic development. Some 40 operations for local and diaspora entrepreneurs, business angels and national institutions of Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia will be carried out during 3 years, from December 2016 to December 2019.

    DiafrikInvest is being implemented in the framework of the Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and Development (Rabat Process), which brings together more than 50 countries along the West African migration route. The project is cofinanced (90%), for an amount of EUR 2 million,by the European Union through EuropeAid following the commitments made in the Rome Declaration. It has initiated a new phase of the Rabat process for 2015-2017, whose one of the main objectives is to strengthen the link between migration and development. DiafrikInvesttherefore implements the framework for an organised and sustainable contribution of the diasporas to the economic, social and environmental development of their countries of origin.

    ANIMA coordinates the project as part of a consortium of six partners: : ACIM, CONECT, Start-Up Morocco, Am Be Koun, CJD Senegal. The Moroccan Investment Development Agency (AMDI) is also involved in the project.

    StartUp Maroc RoadShow

    Depuis 2011 jusqu'à ce jour

    StartUp Maroc Roadshow est une tournée dans une douzaine de villes marocaines, qui permet de connecter les jeunes avec les acteurs entrepreneuriaux locaux, nationaux et internationaux pour développer une communauté locale d’entrepreneurs, alimenter un environnement d’innovation autour des universités et dynamiser ainsi l’écosystème entrepreneurial à l’échelle nationale.

    Le programme de la tournée, à travers un composant principal, Startup Weekend Maroc, a pour objectif d’inspirer, éduquer les jeunes et les connecter aux ressources nécessaires pour faire de la création de startups une possibilité réaliste.

    Des centaines de jeunes marocains découvriront un nouveau concept, une nouvelle vision de l’entrepreneuriat mais surtout leur potentiel et capacité à porter leurs rêves à travers une expérience pratique, forte et interactive.


    2 édition Jusqu'à présent 2016 et 2018

    StartUp AFRICA SUMMIT est un événement phare du mouvement THE NEXT SOCIETY et DIAFRIKNVEST organisé par StartUp Maroc en partenariat avec ANIMA Investment Network et Big Booster et co-financé par l’Union Europèenne.


    StartUp AFRICA SUMMIT à pour objectif de rassembler des startups innovantes, des investisseurs, des experts et des leaders de l'écosystème afin de discuter les opportunités de business et d'investissement en Afrique.


    StartUp AFRICA SUMMIT est un événement de 3 jours d’apprentissage intensif, un environnement de Networking accueillant permettant aux startups d'Europe, de MENA et de la diaspora marocaine de se lancer sur le marché africain, de partager leurs expériences et de favoriser la coopération et les opportunités d'investissement.


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